Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Finds: Nordstrom Sale Home Decor Favorites

Happy Friday, gals! I'm not sure about for you, but this week just seemed to fly by for me! I've been back in Michigan and getting caught up on work. Today for my Friday Finds, I wanted to show you my favorite picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in the home department. There are so many great pieces at affordable prices. I just can't help but share :)


Bed and Accessories:

Kitchen and More Decor:

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How cute is this Apartment Sweet Apartment Apron?! It's killing me!!

Have you found anything good at the sale yet? I bought a pair of new running shoes and they You can take a peek at my favorite clothing and accessories from the Nordstrom Sale in this post.  There's only a few days left to shop!

Enjoy your weekend! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Design Do's & Don'ts from Your Favorite Design Bloggers

A few months ago, I had some of my favorite design bloggers give me their Design Do's and Design Don'ts to include at the Bloom Workshop for the guests looking to expand their design knowledge. The tips are just too good (and important!) not to share, so here they are today just for you!

Make sure your unique story is represented in the design of your home. Bits of your history and personality should come through in the accents, the art, colors, and the overall feel of the room. Trends come and go, but a room designed around your unique journey will be timeless and always feel relevant to you.

Ensure there are a mixture of textures in every room. There's something about mixing metals, wood, natural materials and pretty, soft fabrics that really lends an air of sophistication to any design.

Lighting sets the mood in a space. Determine what sort of lighting is needed (i.e. task, ambient, accent or a combination) and incorporate the lighting plan with the floor plan. 

Go a little bit bigger and bolder with lamps and accessories. It is better to buy a few bigger, bolder pieces than to buy too many little things that don’t make enough of a statement.

Always invest in good lighting. Lighting can make or break a space. It can also change the mood of a space. To many overhead lights can make a room feel unwelcoming.

Every space needs a mixture of hardware finishes, natural elements, something personal, something soft and something pink.

Invest in quality pieces for your home.  I know it's easy to go "cheap" in order to fill out a room, (hey, I love Ikea and Target as much as the next person), but it's worth spending the money for quality materials and construction.  You'll thank yourself down the line when you still have and love those quality pieces.

When planning a space, start with a statement piece - a colorful fabric, a piece of furniture with killer lines, a stunning piece of art.  Let everything else trickle down from there.  It helps to give a plan direction and a starting point to pull colors and other accents.  I also love a touch of black and gold in most any space - they adding grounding and glamour.

Add a mirror or mirrors to make a room appear larger and to enhance the room's natural light and views. 

Have a variety of textures in each space. This will keep the room interesting and visually appealing. Also (I couldn't decide on just one!) try to hang your curtain rod in the middle of the top of the window and the ceiling (as opposed to directly above the window). This will aid in making the ceilings look taller and ultimately, make the room look larger. 
- Michaela

Feel like you have to have to have a room "finished" by a specific deadline...Often times in my favorite rooms-whether for clients or in my own home-seem to evolve and change over time. Rushing things might force you to choose items you don't really love and that don't truly reflect you.

Don't decorate or add pieces to your home just because you saw it in a magazine or on Pinterest. Style your home for you and your family. Did your favorite design blogger say chevron is out but you just so happen to love it? Use it! Decorating is extremely personal and you have to follow your individual taste and style to truly create something you love.

Don't over do it with the accessories. They can quickly clutter a room. Only display what you love. 

Consider the big picture. A room with too many vignettes or accessories spread throughout the room will likely feel too cluttered and lack focus.

Florescent lighting! Never, never, never use it.

Don't use a rug that is too small.  Rugs really ground a room and finding rugs that are the correct size for the room and furniture placement can make or break a space.

Don't be afraid of color.  I am all about neutral palettes, but a fun pop of color not only keeps the room fresh, but can easily be changed out for the different seasons.  Think: pillows, blankets, and artwork.

Don't get overwhelmed by all the inspiration out there.  It can be so hard to filter out the noise and mesh together what you love with all the ideas online and in design magazines.  Choose things you LOVE and everything will come together.  Go with your gut - your individual style is what makes you unique and what will ultimately make you stand out from others.  

Hang the mirror too high.  (A good rule of thumb is to hang at eye level or just below, but since "eye level" is different among people, generally, the center of the mirror should be 56" - 59" from the ground).    
- Megan, Honey We're Home

Avoid matching. Pieces and patterns don't have to match, they just have to "go" together! Try mixing patterns of different scale and colors to achieve the right look.
- Michaela

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I love ALL of these great tips and pieces of design advice! I especially love the advice warning against too small of a rug. That's one of my pet peeves!! ;) What's YOUR design do and design don't?! Spill it!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bloom Workshop's New Website!

I'm just about as giddy as one can be over a new website design! We have been working with Ashley & Malone for a few weeks to get our Bloom Workshop website updated all fancy for you. It's done now and it functions so much better. All the information you need about the workshop, along with a photo gallery of past events, is on the site! Aside from it functioning a lot better, it also got a lovely makeover, perfectly suiting our brand!  Take a peek:

Brands are so important, and as one of the topics we teach about at Bloom, we knew we needed to get our website up to par. Our brand now consists of playful gold dots, blush, peach, and mint palette, the perfect fonts, and a happy, energetic feeling when you land on the site. Thank you to Ashley & Malone for the beautiful new site. We love it with all our hearts! If you need your website redone, brand revamped, or any graphics designed to help curate and grow your brand, A&M is where it's at :)

Hey guess what?! We only have a few more spots left for Bloom's September workshop! Check out all the info on the brand spanking new website and register here. 

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Client Reveal: Relaxing Guest Bedroom

Happy Monday! Today I'm excited to share with you my most recently completed client project-- a simple and relaxing guest bedroom for a Bay Area, California family. Do you remember Caty's family room I showed you a few months ago?! This is their guest bedroom, and I just love how it turned out. 

Here's a before picture of the bedroom:

It was a muted shade of yellow and Caty already had the bedding. She needed help picking a new wall color, gathering new pieces such as a mirror, dresser, new pillows, nightstand, lighting, and finally, pulling the room together with accessories. Here is how it turned out:

Photos: Michaela Noelle Designs
DETAILS | Pillows- Shams, Accent Pillow / Nightstand / Lamp / Floor Length Mirror / Dresser / Tray / Lanterns / Chandelier / Headboard / Ring Dish

That chandelier is perfect for the room, I think. It's the perfect jewelry and sparkle for the space. The green in the euro shams matched the green in the existing bedding Caty already had to a T. It couldn't have been planned any better! The simple headboard with the nailhead trim is casual, yet put together, aiding the room in the relaxing feel we wanted the guest room to encompass. Guests always need a mirror to get ready in, and bonus points for a floor length mirror, so we delivered with this gorgeous tiled floor length mirror, doubling as a surface to help reflect light and make the room feel even brighter.  To top it off, Caty hung three photos from her and her husband's travels above the bed, which I adored. Accessories and beautiful art finished off the space that they are now excited to host guests in. In the coming months, Caty is planning to get shutters or shades for the window, which will be a great added touch.

I love nothing more than happy clients (and photos of their finished rooms!) :) If you need help with your next design venture, I am serving West Michigan with in-home design services, and beyond with my e-design services. I'd love to chat about how we can design your home!

What's your favorite part about this guest room? Enjoy your day!
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