Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Finds: Sweaters, BIG Sales, & Valentine Gift Ideas

Happy Friday! I'm rounding up my favorite finds for you this week, most of which are ON SALE! My favorite.

1. J.Crew is having an end of year sale! Extra 40% off sale styles using code ENDOFSEASON.

2. J.Crew Factory is also having a sale on new these deals are amazing! (Prices as marked.) Their men section is great, too! McCann gets a lot of clothes from here. And by that I mean, I get McCann a lot of clothes from here ;)

3. The Loft is having a tag sale with sweaters for only $15.99. I MEAN, seriously. This is crazy!! Here are some faves:

4. West Elm's sales are out of control. Almost everything is on sale! My favorites:

A pair of my favorite curtains are on sale that I just used in a client's space! Stay tuned-- this whole home tour will be coming to you soon!!
Andrea Pesce Photography

5. Is it too early to think of Valentine's Day gift ideas? I hope not ;) Besides the something creative I will do for my boyfriend, I also want to get him something he can use. Here are some ideas for the guys:

Here are some ideas for us gals!

Nordstrom is always my go-to for gifts because they have the best gift guides!

6. Lastly, BaubleBar is my favorite place to get jewelry. You get 15% off on your first purchase, too! 

Those are my favorite finds for this weekend. Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend! We are taking the youth group kids at church on a winter retreat. Can't wait!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Insta Style

It was so fun to read all you comments about home organization and routines in yesterday's blog post! Thanks for chiming in :)

If you are on Instagram, you might be wondering what the little tag means. Well, friends, it's a simple little tool that allows you to shop my style (and other bloggers' styles) straight from your email inbox. Here's how you sign up...

1. Sign up for right here.
2. Like an Instagram photo of mine with the link.
3. You get the product sent straight to your email.
4. Shop your heart out.

So easy! If you were signed up and liked any of these photos on my account, you'd be sent all the details in a matter of seconds.


Hopefully that helps cut the confusion and is a great tool for you to use on not only my Instagram, but also lots of others! I love using it to find new products I see in blogger's homes or wardrobes.

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tips for Maintaing a Clean & Organized Home You Love

Did you know having a clean house or workspace helps you focus and get more done during the day? (Especially if you work from home, like me!) Working from home comes with its challenges and its plusses. I want to be focused each day, giving all my time and attention to my interior design clients or our workshops, and not having to stress out about my house not being clean or be distracted from little messes forming in the corner. I can tell you, when I first moved into my apartment and I had boxes everywhere, it was a nightmare. I felt so discombobulated! Now that the boxes are gone and Christmas decor is also packed up, I feel like I found a routine to keep my place clean.

Today I'm sharing a few things I do to keep my 600 square foot apartment looking put-together.

Everyday Routine:

1. Make my bed. The second I wake up, I make it. If I don't do it then, it ain't happenin'!
home organization, cleaning, love your home, organizing your house, maintaining a clean house
our guest bedroom

2. Check the trash every morning to see if I need to take it out on my way out of the door. 

3. After my morning tea and toast (with peanut butter) on the couch, I always clear my dishes and straighten my pillows a bit before moving on to the next task. This might sound silly, but if my couch looks nice and put together, I can concentrate better on work! Whatever makes me love my home more, right?!
home organization, cleaning, love your home, organizing your house, maintaining a clean house
my apartment pillows

4. At night before I go to sleep, I always do any straggling dishes that are in my sink and wipe off the counters, so I can wake up to a clean kitchen. There is nothing better than a sparkling clean sink and kitchen! (Okay, maybe there are a few, for example, clean sheets :))
home organization, cleaning, love your home, organizing your house, maintaining a clean house
my apartment kitchen

Here are a few other tips for generally keeping a clutter-free home:

- Go through your closets periodically and get rid of things. Don't do too many at once, or ou will get overwhelmed. If it's a clothes closet, ask yourself if you've worn it in the last 6 months (and if it's a seasonal item that you only wear in summer of winter, ask yourself if you wore it last season). If the answer is no, We don't want you to end up on Hoarders: Buried Alive ;)

- When you buy new things for your home or wardrobes, ask yourself if you have a place for it. If you can't think of one quickly, or your answer is you will have to get rid of something else to make room, you might want to wait.

- Don't start something without finishing it. If you open mail and get bills, paychecks, etc., take care of them right then! Recycle the envelopes immediately so paper clutter doesn't build up.

- Storage bins are your friends. So are baskets and other things to keep items in their place. I'm reorganizing one of my closets and going to get some storage baskets. I can't wait to show you!

- For any clients of mine who struggle with containing papers or mail, I always recommend getting one of these trays. Keeping mail or papers you need to go through on one tray in a designated area will help you stay organized, contain the mess and hopefully get to it in a timely fashion. Trust me :)

home organization, cleaning, love your home, organizing your house, maintaining a clean house
client office reveal

- Remember that your home should reflect you, what you love, your personal style, and things that have meaning to you. If an item in your home doesn't check one of those boxes, get it out of there! 

- This post from The Inspired Room is really helpful if you want to declutter your home over the course of 2015. I'm excited to join in with some of the month's challenges! 

- I once heard that having people over regularly helps you keep your house picked up automatically!


I love this quote that a famous textile designer shared years and years ago...

home organization, cleaning, love your home, organizing your house, maintaining a clean house

Do you have a daily routine you use to help you in maintaining a clean, organized home you love? The most important part, of course, is the last bit of the sentence: a home you love. What help you love your home?!

Hope these tips help. I'd love to hear yours! Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Save & Splurge: Bedding, Benches & Trays

save money, splurge, bedding, duvet cover, X bench, nailhead trim, side table, wood table, tea cup, gold, tray
Stripe Bedding 1 / Stripe Bedding 2
Bench 1 / Bench 2 
Wood Side Table 1 / Wood Side Table 2
Mug 1 / Set of 4 Mugs
Towel 1 / Towel 2 
Tray 1 / Tray 2 
Bar Cart 1 / Bar Cart 2

If you're on a budget, this is the post for you! As a designer, it's important to find those stand-out special pieces for my client's rooms and sometimes you have to splurge on those items (and then other times those pieces happen to find you at a garage sale or vintage store for a lot less!) In order to stay on budget for my clients, once we splurge on a few items, we have to save in other areas. Luckily, there are so many great items that have a high-end look for less. Whether you're looking for a stand-out conversation piece or that budget-friendly item, I pulled a little something for every price point today. 

I love love love the X bench from Target with the nailhead trim on it, but for a more custom look, I would definitely splurge to get the Serena & Lily bench, as it comes in many different fabrics that will be unique from anyone else's. The two side tables look pretty identical to me! I still can't get over how similar those towels are up there in the collage and I have to tell you, I get almost every single one of my clients one of these trays. I have this gold mirrored tray in my own home and I absolutely adore it. 

There are certain things worth spending a little extra money on and then those are some things (like in my opinion, towels...) that just aren't worth it. What pieces of furniture or accessories do you think are worth spending money on and where do you save the cash?!

Happy Tuesday!
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